Here is a question in every student’s mind that why one should Learn Python, So let me tell you some major reasons. Python is one of the easiest and powerful programming languages. It is a cross-platform programming language which means, It works on macOS, Windows, or Linux. You can use Python in almost every tech domain because of python’s huge collection of libraries and frameworks. A majority of the tech professionals believe that Python is the most suitable language for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science in the present-day scenario. Everyone knows that automation is the need of the hour, and let me tell you that Python is indeed a great choice for scripting and automation. As Python is an interpreted language, all you need to do is write the code in script format, and you can execute it directly. Huge community support, documentation, and more than 8 million Python Developers are the reason why python is so popular. As a beginner, you can join Stack Overflow, Github, etc. Where you’ll find awesome Python programmers who are always ready to help beginners. So now you understand why should you learn python.

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Shaurya Singh